Project: Thomas & Betts
Client: Thomas & Betts
Value:$1,679,461.00         Completion Date: August 2019

Project: Independence Recycling
Client: Independence Recycling of Florida, Inc.
Value: $261,000.00           Completion Date: May 2019

Project: Superwash
Client: Elfrink Custom Construction
Value:$935,000.00           Completion Date: May 2019

Project: American Village- Palm Coast, FL.
Client:Hammock Real Estate Development
Value:$1,323,065.00       Completion Date: April 2019

Project: Alamo Storage- Bunnell, FL.
Client: JW Site Development
Value:$153,000.00       Completion Date: April 2019

Project: Swoope Boat Ramp- New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Client: Saboungi Construction
Value:$294,000.00     Completion Date: March 2019

Project: Oceanway Drainage
Client: Town of Ponce Inlet
Value:$50,791.00       Completion Date: January 2019

Project: Discount Tire- Palm Coast, FL.
Client: Hudson Construction Company
Value:$350,000.00       Completion Date: January 2019

Project: US1 Business Park- Bunnell, FL.
Client: JW Site Development
Value:$214,000.00       Completion Date: December 2018

Project: Good Samaritan- DeLand, FL.
Client: McLauchlin & Company
Value:$236,000.00      Completion Date: December 2018

Project: StorQuest- Deltona, FL.
Client: Scherer Construction
Value:$1,005,000.00      Completion Date: November 2018

Project: Hilton Homes 2- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: Integrated Construction
Value:$743,000.00       Completion Date: October 2018

Project: 7-Eleven – Holly Hill, FL.
Client: Wilson’s Petroleum
Value:$362,000.00       Completion Date: August 2018

Project: Bellewood Commons- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: Strickland Construction
Value:$694,000.00       Completion Date: July 2018

Project: Granada Oaks- Ormond Beach, FL.
Client: Granada Oaks Condominium Assoc.
Value:$187,000.00       Completion Date: February 2018

Project: Kingston Shores- Ormond Beach, FL.
Client: Kingston Shores HOA
Value:$113,000.00       Completion Date: September 2017   

Project: Aldi- Village Plaza- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: TYL Construction
Value:$851,844.00      Completion Date: August 2017

Project: ERAU Chanute Complex- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: Coleman Goodemote Construction
Value:$83,895.00      Completion Date: August 2017

Project: ISB Sanitary Sewer Improvements- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: City of Daytona Beach
Value:$502,521.00       Completion Date: July 2017

Project: Sunbelt Parking Improvements- New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Client: Smith & Smith NSB
Value:$172,000.00      Completion Date: June 2017

Project: Thomasson Ave. Water Improvements- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: City of Daytona Beach
Value:$106,000.00       Completion Date: May 2017

Project: Atlantic Marine- Port Orange, FL.
Client: Betnr Construction
Value:$689,000.00      Completion Date: May 2017

Project: Subway Beville Retail- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: RTC Construction
Value:$261,000.00     Completion Date: April 2017

Project: Daytona Parking Garage- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: CCI
Value:$302,000.00       Completion Date: April 2017

Project: Dollar General- New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Client: JW Site Development
Value:$63,000.00       Completion Date: April 2017

Project: Top Build- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: TG Glass & Assoc.
Value:$1,721,837.00       Completion Date: January 2017

Project: 7-Eleven- Palm Coast, FL.
Client: Wilson’s Petroleum
Value:$217,284.00       Completion Date: January 2017

Project: Wawa- New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Client: AT Construction Mgt.
Value:$573,338.00      Completion Date: December 2016

Project: Daytona Helmets- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: Saboungi Construction
Value:$459,095.00       Completion Date: December 2016

Project: Fifth Third Bank Demo- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: RTC Construction
Value:$27,000.00       Completion Date: November 2016

Project: VyStar Bank- Port Orange, FL.
Client: Saboungi Construction
Value:$569,242.00       Completion Date: November 2016

Project: Nova Community Park Drainage
Client: City of Ormond Beach
Value:$25,000.00       Completion Date: September 2016

Project: St. Ann’s Catholic Church- DeBary, FL.
Client: Diocese of Orlando
Value:$820,00.00         Completion Date: July 2016

Project: Daytona Fairlawn-Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: Curbert Dozer
Value:$41,000.00         Completion Date: June 2016

Project: Metra Electronics- Holly Hill, FL.
Client: Seaboard Construction & Real Estate
Value:$840,000.00      Completion Date: June 2016

Project: Cambridge Court Stormwater Repair- Ormond Beach, FL.
Client: Tymber Creek HOA
Value:$20,000.00       Completion Date: May 2016

Project: Sheltair Daytona Beach Airport- Daytona Beach, FL.
Client: Holland Builders
Value:$122,500.00       Completion Date: May 2016

Project: Oceanaire Lift Station/Force Main- Ormond Beach, FL.
Client: Oceanaire Condominium Assoc.
Value:$74,000.00       Completion Date: March 2016

Project: Ameritech- Holly Hill, FL.
Client: Strasser Construction
Value:$331,000.00       Completion Date: January 2016